Tuesday, 20 July 2010

adherence to the TEN commandments (christianity flaws #1)

while the ten commandments may just be part of the whole christian thing, perhaps even the entire basis of its moral lessons, however, the TEN commandments are NOT the point of christianity, not at all, yet some christians choose to put the ten commandments out in front of them as if they are the *most* significant part of christianity...

the basis of what christ taught, apparently, was that golden rule thing, "Do unto others"


but what do I often see? ten commandments this, ten commandments that, put the ten commandments up in the school, inside the courtroom, out the front of the court, recite them to yourself before school, recite them out loud, learn them off by heart, blah ra ra ra b lah blah ..

but Jesus did not teach the ten commandments, he taught two.

If you hold the ten commandments in higher esteem than the TWO COMMANDMENTS that Jesus taught, then you are not following christianity.

And please don't tell me that you don't know what those two commandments are!

If you don't realise that much about your religion, then you have totally and utterly missed the point of christianity, in short, you have your religion wrong, *very* wrong.. :-(

the *message* Jesus taught is the point of the christianity - when it comes to christianity *NOTHING* said by anybody else in the bible is to be taken as some higher authority than what Jesus actually taught.

And Jesus taught, according to the gospels and "Saint" Paul, Jesus taught that we are to love everyone (love thy neighbour; do unto others), and that there is no commandment higher than that...

*nothing* outranks "DO UNTO OTHERS" in christianity, *not* your TEN commandments, NOT your LEVITICUS abomination diatribe, NOT your precious "Saint" Paul, NOT your random bible quotes you decide to throw at non-believers like it is supposed to mean something...

NOTHING outranks Jesus and his teachings, not even *god* as christians are supposed to speak to god via Jesus!!

and the simple reason for all of this, which obviously some christians are so fucking stupid they still don't get it, is that...

Jesus loves everybody..

it's certainly not rocket science, but it *does* show the true nature of the christian beast in this widespread ignorance of the simplicity in Jesus' message..

what! what do you mean?

i'm thinking that those "christians" with their *ten* commandments held so proudly high, don't like the niceness of all this "love thy neighbour" stuff, it's too "trusty", too "soppy", too "touchy feely", too "ra ra ra", it's TOO GAY, it's TOO UNMANLY, it's NOT BUTCH enough, it's TOO "I DON'T GET TO SHOOT SOMETHING AND/OR STAB IT TO DEATH", all in all, it's TOO frikking nice for the selfish christian ...

so if you hold the ten commandments, or anything else in the bible for that matter, above the two commandments that Jesus taught then .. ahem ... ...

this flaw with christian thinking leads to IDOLATRY because you've made up your own version of Jesus/god to follow, not the Jesus dude in the bible, in short, you ainst following Jesus Christ if you think the TEN COMMANDMENTS are the most important thing to christianity.

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