Tuesday, 27 July 2010

dealing with religious fanatics? DON'T .. (religiorant)

Don't deal with them, just say your piece and move on.

If you are a non-believer, then there is a 90% chance that you are smarter than the religious person you are arguing with, so why are you even debating with parrots in the first place?

be sure to not turn into a parrot yourself whilst trying to share your views with the world..

The religious spout their mouths off to reaffirm their own beliefs and they don't care if those beliefs are stupid so repetition in stating your case trying convince them, is not useful.

Consider the parrot that repeats phrases, the parrot gets attention, it feels loved, it didn't need to do anything but repeat the phrases, it doesn't even know *what* it was saying, all it knows is that it gets attention and it feels loved when it says the pretty phrases, there is no need for the parrot to understand what it's saying as it gets love and attention without understanding any of it *at*all*.

So of course, telling the parrot that it's speaking dribble is pointless, as it doesn't fucking know exactly what it is saying in the first place.

Think about it - if someone can happily believe that Noah and his ark saved two of every creature on earth in a massive flood, the sheer volume of flaws in that story is incredible, so given that, not much you are going to say is going to get through.

Eg. The Ark story is a pretty story that makes the believer feel warm and fuzzy, it doesn't matter if the story is factually a steaming pile of shit.

So, the fanatic won't care if they are stupid or what they say is stupid or what they believe is stupid and if you tell them that they are stupid, the most likely reaction to being told that is to CLUTCH onto their beliefs even more rigidly.

This will not help you get your message across at all!!

So make your point, and move on!

And in all honesty, you should never expect them to come around to your way of thinking once you have told them they are fucking stupid, and frankly, you've probably put them off talking to the next non-believer who comes along who may just be able to hit that point of logic that will make their religious bindings start to unravel.

Therefore, in all practicality, there is little point to carrying on back and forth trading insults, you are wasting your time and energy trying to erase what could be decades of brainwashing and you easily damage somebody else's chance of de-converting them by persisting with trying to put your point across.

If you think you can change that religious brainwashing in the space of a day, you better think again as it is *you* that is the arrogant person, not the person with the stupid beliefs, they are just the silly parrots, repeating phrases over and over without thinking for themselves, their own arrogance from your point of view is nullified by their own stupid beliefs.

You, on the other hand, are cleverer than that, aren't you?

The more you argue, the more you demonstrate that you can't put your point across effectively, if you can't put your point across effectively, then cut your losses, and move on to the next parrot.

It's one thing to be stupid, but it's even stupider to think that you can convince the stupid to stop being stupid.

Just randomly insulting someone for their beliefs is a fast track to them rejecting your opinion outright and it's also a fast track to stopping other people from freeing these idiots from their idiocy.

Say your piece, and move on, this will give them time to consider what you have said, they won't consider anything if you don't respect them at least that much.

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