Thursday, 12 August 2010

Just saying you are christian is idolatry (christianity flaws #4)

By just saying that you are christian, or if you just say that someone needs Jesus, or you say that they need to read the bible, or that they need to follow the lord, or saying that you have reached out and touched christ, or by saying some other religious christian mantra bullshit, you have NOT demonstrated what it is to be christian at all, you are *all* talk if this is what you think "being" christian is all about. ergo, you are ANTI-christ ...

The Christ character led by example, his actions spoke for him, so he didn't need to go around insisting to people that he was a good person and then do the opposite like his "followers".

He *was* a good person because that was *how* he lived his life. (according to the stories)

How many christians today live their lives even remotely like christ did?

Is that even possible in a western society? it's just not practical to give all your stuff away!

Are you christ like? Do you constantly evaluate whether you are doing the right thing by the other person?

Do you even do that ONCE a day, or are you so caught up in the rat race of your selfishness trying to sell everyone your religiously self reaffirming mantras to everyone that you are a good person?

are you trying to tell us that you believe in Christ or are you trying to convince yourself that you believe in Christ simply because YOU DON'T believe in Christ? could it be that you actually ONLY believe in merely "SAYING THAT YOU BELIEVE IN CHRIST!"???

That's right, if you go around saying that you believe in Jesus, it's an almost certainty that you are NOT being a Christ like person, because anyone being Christ like would not have time nor would they even need to tell everyone that they are christian or that we need to follow the bible, or that Jesus is lord or blabh lba hblah blahblah

therefore, if you are one of the Praise-Jesussers, you commit idolatry, because you are taking words, and spewing them into the air like they were meant to mean something.

Worse still, is that just saying that somebody should be a christian and then having some sort of outburst because you're offended when they tell you to take a hike, is exactly the same thinking that can result in people being *killed* just because they disagree with somebody's opinion

An emotional outburst over a FUCKING STORY is the *very* first step an individual can take towards a society that cowers in fear of the unknown. And fears that can not be rationalised can lead to a "mob justice" type of society (see the dark ages), because if you get enough like-minded fuck heads together getting upset that their precious feelings have been hurt, they will likely take the law into their own hands... I guarantee you that

what if two people demand that a third do what they say? then a fourth, and so on and so forth? Can you say hundreds of years inquisitions and crusades and reformations?

That sort of bullshit isn't dead today, if enough people get offended when somebody insults their religion, that's called a mob, remember Pakistan? How they protested in the streets over CARTOONS? and like most mobs, it's reasonable to assume that most of those people NEVER saw those images, by the way, so they had NO idea what they were even protesting about, much like those people who protested Obama's health reforms, they didn't know SHIT about it when asked - and is no different to these fuck heads who denounce evolution by saying ... "WE DID NOT COME FROM MONKEYS! THEREFORE EVOLUTION IS A LIE!"

Those mobs are driven mad by emotion, and that's all religion is, it is pure mad emotion, there is no "actuality" to religion, and if there is something actual to your religion, then it is human made, end of story, and if you hold that *human* thing above what your religion teaches, then that's idolatry.

Even your very own thoughts making assumptions about Jesus and god or whatever supreme being you worship is idolatry, they are thoughts that you have made up. They are *human* thoughts.

And seeing how the bible is of human origin, that makes every *bit* of it idolatry if you don't *demonstrate* what you have been taught from the bible

that's what the fucking bible says, fucking read it, if you don't believe me

just saying "Jesus is LORD" is idolatry, because you are BRAGGING like that is supposed to mean something, it means nothing, and you are merely saying that you are a believer, so you are not *being* a believer, therefore it's idolatry.

ie. you can't just say you are christian - you MUST **be** christian in order to make the claim that you are christian ...

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