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Atheism is wrong... (religio-rant/humour)

Atheism is *not* the belief in nothing, it's the *disbelief* in everything supernatural.

Atheism is already *wrong*, thanks simply to all the religious people who just can't get past the notion that "atheists believe in nothing" - which I thought was innocuous, even humorous, at first.

but then I realised that they meant that *literally* .. eg. instead of worshiping god, atheists worship "nothing" as if a conscious entity called "the nothing", created the universe..

That's right, not mentioning any names but there are certain religious people, who are not content with believing in their own supernatural being in the sky, but these religious people are so lacking in their own faith, that they also need to make a up a god for atheists as well!

The god of *nothing* - this is probably where believers got the notion that non-believers can't possibly be moral - because they literally believe in nothing. *facepalm*

Why? who knows, but it makes the believers' perspective of atheism *wrong* right from the get-go..

Do looney religious fruitcakes actually think that atheists get down on their knees in some random direction (because there is no atheist Mecca equivalent, right?) five times each day and say a prayer to "The Nothing", or take imaginary rosary beads and pretend to - what ever it is that you are supposed to do with those things, or say "I believe in nothing, nothing is my saviour! Praise be to the nothing!!"

I really hope that these looney fruitcakes are putting on an act, because atheism, well, it's the *complete* lack of *all* belief in all deities and all supernatural bullshit and the rejection of all religions. That does not mean that atheists believe *in* nothing, it simply means that they don't believe in *anything* when it comes to god and religion and the supernatural.. that doesn't mean that the atheist rejects good moral behaviour, even if those morals *do* come from religion!

Believers should think of atheists as having absorbed the good stuff of their religion and have then moved on without taking up that religion full-time.

And the religious types know damn well that non-believer types have morals and ethics, so why do they say we don't? If we had no morals, then believers would have been eliminated long ago in a cold calculating thinning of the numbers of the religiopsychopathic crowd...

What sort of fucked up mind actually creates the idea that anybody would actually and actively set aside time in the day to say praise to nothing?? I hear what you are thinking.. but "yes" there have been instances where christians have said just that or something very similar.

sheesh? are people *that* stupid? or do they just need to turn their excuses for hating non-believers into something their puny brains can comprehend?

Oh perfect vacuum, I believe in you! I worship you every day, Have you given your soul to the perfect vacuum yet? There is nothing in the universe more perfect than the perfect vacuum!
--The Evil Atheist

* *P* *A* *R* *T* *2* *

some evil tips for those who like to mess with religious people.

How do you respond when someone asks what your religion is?

Catholic? Islam? Christian? Jewish? Atheism?

If you are an atheist, then your religion is "none" or "no religion" or "not applicable" or "i haven't made up my mind" or "don't be fucking stupid! I don't god damn believe in any fucking religions and yes I was being deliberately ironic by saying 'god damn' just now".

Or you could make up the first thing that comes to mind. Jedi, Nietzschean, Monty-Pythoninst, TOOLean or even use the exact same terms *they* used to describe you, "oh I'm a Darwinist" or "I'm an evil scientist, so I believe in Evilution... "

An atheist's answer should indicate that you refuse to be labelled as one of the masses - as *any* of the masses, since atheists are now becoming are large proportion of the world as a whole. That includes the label that other people put on you, *including* the tag, "atheist"..

"Do you believe in god?"
"urr, no ..."
"So you're an atheist"
"urr, no?..."
"So you *do* believe in god?"
"No i don't believe in anything"
"But that makes you an atheist"
"urr.. no....it never occurred to me to believe or *not* believe"

in other words, *mess* with those who want to label you, because putting arbitrary labels on people is the first step towards being a bigot to that person.

Tell them you worship the "one true god", that'll *Really* stuff them in the head..

"so you're an atheist?"
"no, I believe in the one true god!"
"oh, so you do believe in god"
"but that makes you an atheist?!?!"
"no, i believe in the one true god!"
"so, you do believe in god?"
"pfft! no!!"

and repeat a few times... at least until you feel a tiny bit more evil for having done so..

you can put them out of their misery at you're own pace with your science or logic, but it's best not to deal with the religidiots at all, let them sit on things you've said, for months and even years if need be..

when religious people insist on putting a label on you - that's where you'll find the beginning of their bigotry towards you, because it's all a matter of degrees from that point onwards... bigotry all starts when someone puts a label on you or when you put a label on them.

By answering "atheism" as your religion, you are further perpetuating the notion of arbitrary labels and arbitrary labels are the foundation of all pointless religious bigotry.

he's black!
she's Chinese!
they're Mexicans!
you're an atheist!

Atheism *will* become a religion if you keep being sucked in by the religious and their idiotic treating of "atheism" as a religion.

Learn it, Know it, Live it

I see atheism turning into a religion, at least to religious people, and while that might not be such a bad thing, it does beg the question, exactly what do people think an atheist believes in if atheism is a religion?

Atheists don't believe in *anything* because of their atheism in particular. eg. if not for religious loud mouths consistently making their beliefs known in things that are science related, I would probably not bother with religion at all, but they do bother science, so I do feel the need to 'rally' against religion. I don't even consider myself an atheist, i just consider myself in the neutral position.

so "religion" itself doesn't apply to atheism in the first place, for instance: I might reject religion as a non-believer, but rejecting religion doesn't necessarily mean that I feel compelled to chase after it down the street with a broom trying to put it out of its misery... I choose to do that of my own accord.

So by answering atheism as your religion to the religious when you are asked, I think that you are, in fact, turning it into a religion or at the very least a religious "label" to appease the religious and their need to label people.

The whole idea of being an atheist is to be an individual, if we label ourselves as atheists, are we not putting up a banner for people to focus upon and to make it easy for the religious people to put us into their do-not-associate-with-this-bunch-of-people buckets?

From experience, I know that by not putting a label on yourself, people will insist on putting a label of their own choosing on you, because it annoys the FUCK out of them if you don't put yourself into a bucket for them, ie. either they make a judgement call on you straight away, or they have to get to know you first, and I've had many conversations with christians that have turned down a massive tangent once they have figured out that i'm a non-believer...

"Nope, not an atheist, nope, not a christian, nope, not a buddhist, nope, not a satanist, nope, not a jew, nope, not a muslim etc etc"

and what does a label mean anyway? that's only the first step with religion and its bigotry, because then the next thing they focus on is what *sort* of muslim are you? sunni, shi'ite? what sort of christian are you? catholic, protestant, born-again? what sort of yadda yadda yadda...

It's simple, religion is bigotry, labeling yourself as an atheist is only for the benefit of the religious anyway, by using the atheist label you add fuel to their bigotry bonfire.

by not putting a label on your self, people are forced to get to know you a little bit better before they put some sort of label of their own choosing upon you, and when they finally do put a label on you, it's such a long label, that it becomes a list detailing the aspects of why that person likes you in the first place, hopefully by that stage you've moved on to simply calling that person, "friend".

but as an experiment, over a period of six months on a particular social network, I deliberately neglected to mention my religious views with christians and had rather pleasant conversations with them, for a while, but eventually the question comes up or they figure out that I have no religion, and the very *instant* they figure that shit out, their attitudes change dramatically and suddenly pleasant conversation ends with the definite impression from these people that *I* was lying to them for not admitting I do not worship a god creature of some kind.

Fuck you, too, cunt face! Why the fuck should I broadcast my non-religious beliefs just so your little fragile ego doesn't get offended by conversing with a non-believer? what sort of fucktard does that? A religious, fucktard, that's who....

It was like the whole "not believing in god" is something that I was *supposed* to tell them up front, before the conversation started, like it was something that I should have written in neon above my head at all times and that I should carry a disclaimer around me to avoid upsetting people simple because those stupid fucktards can't handle having a conversation with somebody who does not believe as they do.

You won't even talk politely to me because I don't believe in Jesus? wow ... How *Fucking* rude can a christard *be*?

* * * * * * * * * * *

Try it out yourself

Make sure your profile doesn't indicate your religious beliefs and try it out yourself on a religious person who doesn't know your beliefs... make them show to you that religion is bigotry, because that's how it works, and it's more than pathetic that these people who follow these religions of "peace" suddenly become separatist, bigoted and even hostile when you're not on their side.

and when they scream at you "WELL WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THEN!!!"

That's when you tell them...

I am me!
That's who the fuck I am,
that's what the fuck I am,
that's how the fuck I am,
I am me because *I* fucking say so,
The label I put on me, is "ME".

Who the fuck are you?
Are you, 'you'?
are you just what everyone else has labelled you?
are you in fact, pretending to be you?
are you just trying to appease every other fucker who labels you such that you change your ways to fit that label they've plastered onto your forehead?
No, the question is *what* the fuck are you,
and *who* the fuck are you,
and *why* the fuck do you *need* to label me at all?

I am the I am in I am, I am

hahahah... mostly written 3/Mar/2009, mostly.. I edited out most of the language btw ... yes, it was much, much worse

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