Monday, 23 March 2009

The Evil Atheist... confessions of a minion of Satan

We non-believers have no morals, we can't possibly have morals! We don't *believe* in anything *whatsoever*!

We walk around all day just saying



"smite away, *oh* 'LORD'.... smite, smite smite smite smite smitity smite smiiiiiite!!!"

"smite! smite me now!!"

hmmm..... don't we? You know you do, come on and be PROUD!! Show a BIT of Atheist PRIDE!! It's *all* we think about, "hey look at the trees, god didn't do that! he doesn't exist! I'm sprang from a puddle of goo!! Billions of years ago.

"There is no god, nope is no is no is no god, larddee dee lardddee dah. there is no god, there is no god, none at all!" all day! every day of the year!!

All of us non-believers, we are are evil, vile creatures, because we don't believe in GOD, BLASPHEMEEEEEY!!! we are the scum of the earth, we are the scum of the galaxy, we are scum of the universe! we FEED on the glory of being sent to hell along with SATAN... OUR MASTER!!!

there is no basis for regarding our opinion in any regard whatsoever, as it means nothing.. nothing at all...

so that we are easily identifiable, we should wear NEON signs above our heads at all times saying...

everything we say contradicts scripture of the LORD because nothing we say is based in any way, shape, or form of the "reality" that is the TRUTH because we don't believe in the TRUTH!

if a non-believer says, the sky is blue, it is an abomination, it is a lie, it is a blasphemy. if we say that the sun will rise tomorrow, it's another abomination, more blasphemy, another lie!!

Everything a non-believer says is a blasphemy, because whatever it is that is said by the non-believer, it has no foundation in reality, none what so ever, so everything a non-believer says is a lie!!!

gravity! LIES! evolution! LIES! science! LIES LIES LIES! ALL LIES!!

Because NO non-believer is able to speak even an inkling of truth, so everything the non-believer says or even merely implies, it should be disregarded as irrelevant and blasphemous nonsense! PURE NONSENSE!!

Non-believers walk around all day severed from their belief in the ALMIGHTY,
scheming against the ALMIGHTY, always in collusion with our lord and master Satan,
listening to his every whim, his every thought and enacting on all of those evil things, just to make the believers squirm and writhe and have their very souls eroded by the sheer audacity of there being even one non-believer, let alone an ever burgeoning, swelling number of non-believers, incrementing in number, by lots of six hundred and sixty six... bahahahahh

things like, an atheist drinking water, a blasphemy! water is sanctified and is only for the *believers* to drink

walking to work! more blasphemy as atheists should never show their faces to the sun, it's an abomination!!

eating a ham sandwich, more blasphemy as the LORD made it so that only the righteous should partake of sustenance to perpetuate their lives!!!

a non-believer breathing oxygen, more blasphemy! an abomination!!

believers need to have the very air they breathe consecrated because of the mere blasphemous abomination of the notion, of the remotest *possibility* that non-believers once had even one molecule of that air in their rotting-with-evil lungs, that those molecules of air were once entrapped in direct contact with the blood of the unholy scum of the universe, the non-believer, the minion of Satan, the blasphemy of the blasphemies, The Evil Atheist.

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