Friday, 13 March 2009

imagine Keeping your religion to yourself... (religio-rant)

imagine Keeping your religion to yourself... for the sake of the earth

imagine, if you will, there is no heaven (hehee) and that there are civilisations out there in the depths of space, thousands or millions of light years away, or maybe even billions of light years away half way across the universe.

Imagine these 'aliens' have technology that is so powerful and advanced that they could systematically wipe out everyone on earth. They could wipe us out from orbit and we'd never even see their faces, not even once. In fact they could obliterate us with an automated probe fired off from the other side of the galaxy and not even get with 100,000 light years of us...

it's not impossible. you've all seen Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, shit man, if we can think it up then it's *possible*, somehow it is possible.

now imagine that this alien culture already have their god and have been set in their ways for tens of thousands of years with their religion, or better still, they have no god or religions at all, imagine a culture not divided in the least over shit that doesn't really matter, imagine what we could do after twenty thousand years of *civil* civilisation. Imagine if this alien culture has actually outlawed public displays of religion because they went and nuked their own planet twenty thousand years ago over who's god was better on their own planet... imagine a war between planets over who's god was better?

now imagine if these aliens got wind of us earthlings with our Jesuses or our Krishnas and Allahs and Spaghetti Monsters and Big Bird and Count Draculas (vun too tree victims ha ha ha ha), now imagine this culture, is adamant that religion is a very bad thing, and that as a society they have sworn to eradicate every trace of religion in the galaxy *before* these cultures who have religion get out there and corrupt the rest of the galaxy with religious nonsense.

now imagine if they took extreme offence at this notion of openly promoting religion or there being a supreme being

now imagine that they went on a crusade like the christians did back hundreds of years ago against the Muslims. the christians back then did not have any problem with slaughtering *Every* person in a town, tens of thousands of people killed at the hands of the soldiers of Christ in mere days, for the crime of not believing in Jesus.

now imagine every life form on earth being slaughtered for believing in some spurious god notion thing without a shred of proof...

before we offend some alien culture and get wiped off the face of the earth, we need to get rid of religion

what? you didn't think there was a point to this one did you, sucker?

mostly written, 13th March 2009, mostly....

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