Tuesday, 4 August 2009

are christians desensitised to violence? (religio-rant)

are christians desensitised to violence?

their whole religion is based on glorifying the "sacrifice" that that Jesus dude made by dying on the cross..

but.. he didn't just die, did he? it wasn't just a nail him to the cross and he was dead sort of thing, now was it?

no... Jesus was tortured to death if "Passion of The Christ" is any indication, and Stan and Kenny (from South Park) are spot on about the depiction of his dying in the South Park episode "Passion of the Jew"...

Jack: Wow, I didn't realise how horrible Christ's death was.
Elise: Me neither. Oh honey, let's be good Christians from now on!
Man 1: I think if more people saw The Passion they'd have faith in Jesus.
Woman 1: Yeah, it really guilt-trips you into believing.
Stan: Hey, we want our money back.
Shlomo: Huh?
Stan: That movie sucked ass. Give us back our eighteen dollars.
Shlomo: I can't refund your money. You sat through the whole movie.
Stan: That wasn't a movie, that was a snuff film!
Kenny: (Yeah!)
Stan: You can't charge people to watch a guy get tortured for two hours!
Shlomo: That guy happened to be Jesus, and he went through all that to pay for YOUR SINS!
Stan: We go to church to learn that stuff! We go to movies to be entertained! We weren't entertained, and we want our money back!

I totally agree...

To me, nailing someone to a cross to kill them is one pretty fucking sick way to go, it's *supposed* to take days for the crucifixionee to die, it's *supposed* to be torture, that was the *whole* idea, the idea was that it would take *days* to die....

and yet the instant someone makes fun of that, the spineless christian gets upset?

I didn't make this CHEESUS image, but I did make it animate such that the colours changed and stuff...

but guess what? I was told that this was "offensive to christians" - Excuse me? boo hoo don't offend me?? uhmm?? excuse me??

So let's boil this down shall we?...

according to christians, nailing someone to a cross until they die and then displaying bloodied images of said execution, is OK, coz Jesus got crucified, so it's cool to display that Jesus image of torture, but making up a non-violent graphic poking fun at the whole christianity is not.

In other words replacing the violent context of the crucifixion with humour is offensive to the christian??

I suppose the Savaged Jesus Flower here would be offensive too, because it's torturing a flower, but put a man up there, and that's all hunky dory?

I'm sorry, but what the fuck is wrong with christians?

the primary symbol of this crappy excuse for being crappy to everyone is a depiction of MURDER, an image of TORTURE..

I dunno about you, but using a symbol of torture doesn't bode well for any claims about christianity being a religion of "peace"...

oh yes, I hear the cries of "but but but that's not the point of the cross symbol!! It's supposed to show you that Jesus died for your sins!!" ... yes it *is* the point, he was tortured to death for your sins, the brutal extreme tortured death was what bought this "forgiveness of sins" ... If Jesus died of old age, there would be no christianity...

in fact, that is not quite right, the way Jesus died on the cross was exactly how far Jesus wanted all of his followers to go to avoid hurting someone.

so does that symbol of bloody torture, somehow justify violence in the name of christianity?

is this why some christians don't have a problem with violence? because violence in the name of Christ is OK? So anything goes? Does this symbol de-sensitise the christian to violence? Is violence in the name of Christ OK because Jesus was tortured, so anyone making an affront to christianity is worthy of some sort of reciprocation of the violence shown towards Jesus?

And yes not all christians are like this but, I'm finding it hard to care to make a distinction between "good" christians and the rest of them because why aren't all the "good" christians telling the nut cases to pull their heads in?


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