Wednesday, 19 August 2009

top myspaz christian blogs helping the atheist cause...

in the top blogs on myspaz of late there has been a lot of slagging off at atheists ... funny stuff, hilarious stuff, actually...

if you do read any of those blogs from christians that get up into the top ten, you should realise something if you step back far enough and think about it... hilarious

as an ex-christian (whatever that means and not that I ever actually called myself "christian", not really) after reading these stupid blogs (and that's being polite) I have come to realise that I made the RIGHT decision in rejecting religion, christianity in particular.. because there is no way in hell that I would want to be having a label on me that is anything to do with these people. my skin crawls at the prospect, and I can't see how any sane religious person could not *cringe* by reading these blogs.

so the reality is that if the religious don't want to be put off their own religion, it's probably *not* a good idea to read the top fundy christian blogs on myspaz.

if people who read those "looney" blogs agree with them - well - then they deserve the "hell" they are damning themselves to, ironic that the only way these people could be "saved" - is to give up and not believe at all.. seriously if there is a god and he's Jesus, oh dear! i think it best to stop pissing him off.. I forget who it was but some comedian said something like "Jesus Christ is back! and he's PISSED OFF!!", i think it was Robin Williams.

if christians that have doubts about christianity went and read one of those blogs, it's more than likely that eventually they would be put off christianity by these supposed loving "christians" and their hateful rants.

so I thank all those top christian bloggers on The Spaz - they do not even need to mention atheism, but they are promoting it, in fact, thanks to the internet, tens of millions of people potentially are going to see that rubbish and i find it doubtful that any atheist could do as much damage to religion as the religious bloggers who spout their mouths off on myspaz.

I expect a massive rise in atheism in the nearish future, perhaps when the internet generation grow up.

The biggest killers of religion, are the religious, spreading the dissent against religion, on behalf of the atheists.

so it turns out that the christians are nice after all, they just have a weird way of showing their "love", by killing their own religion for us. how quaint.

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