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what makes you an atheist? (part 2)

what makes you an atheist? (part 2)

some more dribble about what i think being an atheist is about

i thought atheism was the complete lack of belief, EITHER way, the simple lack of filling your brain with religious beliefs or the acceptance *or* denial of the existence of an entity called "god"

But, people don't seem to get atheism, here's a blatant example of that, I've often been called and seen many others called "god haters" ... but, if atheists are "god haters" - then how can they be atheists?

Well first of all let me get this out of the way, What sort of fuckwit hates something that doesn't exist?

To hate god, I would actually have to accept the notion that god *existed* in the first place!

So, any religious person calling a non-believer a "god hater", is full of shit, whether they realise or not.

What the religious person is doing by calling people "god haters" is validating their belief by acting out against a non-believer, well, because they have no better argument than to say "you're a god hater!" ... It's as simple as that, that's the best insult they can do, ironically, they insult their own intelligence by calling atheists "god haters" ... actually, it's pretty fucking hilarious.

And in my experience, in order to hate something, not only do you have to know it, you have to know it well., and the only people who know god well enough to hate it, are religious people...

Calling atheists "god haters" is merely wishful thinking on the part of the person saying such a thing, the wishful thought being that the religious person is making the assumption on the part of the atheist that they acknowledge that god exists in order to hate it.

Talk about desperate to validate their faith!!

So not only does the religious person make an assumption in the first place, they also create the very hate atheists supposedly have for god and then palm that off as being someone elses' hate. That's pretty fucking twisted and utterly pathetic, not to mention dishonest.

I gotta say the religious chumps look like complete and utterly ridiculous fucktards when they say non-believers are god haters... how embarrassment.. it's like saying someone else hates cheese, but that other person has never even had cheese before.

and yes... if god is sooooo non-existent why do atheists go on about god so much then? I think that you'd find that most atheists, won't deny the extreme possibility of god in the first place, so another misconception out the christchump door...

but, why does it bother the religious that atheists go on about god in the first place? i thought they had faith in their god and that faith is rock solid and unmoving? obviously they do not have as much faith as they claim as a true believer would not be fazed by atheists contemplating the non-existence of their god...

a lot of people seem to think atheism is the equivalent of a religion, it is not a religion in any way, shape or form. Anyone who says that is pretty FUCKING DUMB!!

let me try to approach this misconception from a different angle...

is there a single attribute that an atheist can have, other than the label of "atheist" itself, that makes them an atheist?

eg. other than the question "are you an atheist?", is there a question, or even several questions, that can be asked of someone that can be answered with a definitive "yes" that would also reveal that they are an atheist?..


let's use christianity to demonstrate what I mean: without asking "are you a christian?", what other question can you ask to determine if someone is a christian?

how about, "Do you believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour?" .. would answering "yes" be sufficient to determine that that person was a christian? it would be sufficient for me.

so, is there a question that can be asked of someone other than the direct question, "are you an atheist?" that can be answered with a "yes" that will categorically classify that person as an atheist?

i can't think of any, but maybe I'm wrong, it's happened before, actually I hope I'm wrong.

oh! i pick a question that can only be answered with "yes" because you can say "no" to something and it doesn't necessarily mean you are the opposite of that something.


Q. "Do you believe in god?"
A. "No"

but that doesn't mean I don't deny that there could be a god, I mean, there *could* be a god, I doubt it though, and seriously no way to the chrischump/islame/jewie god, but it *is* possible.

But even if there was a god, and I did accept that notion as being true, it still doesn't mean I will believe *in* that god... why should it? I could believe in the existence of god and I could spit on that notion. That clearly indicates that I believe that there is a god, but do i believe *in* it?

if that were the case, then I *WOULD* be a "god hater" in the literal sense of the phrase, if that were true.

ps. yes i quite often don't have a point.

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