Friday, 21 October 2011

it takes more faith, to not have faith.... (religion v science)

Believers have it easy because it takes more "faith", to *not* have faith, because if you are a believer with faith in god, then "god" is the answer for everything which you don't understand, or more likely, don't *want* to understand, but that's okay, because a lot of knowledge is utterly useless if you don't know what to do with it anyway, so why bother learning anything intricate if it doesn't really have any application in the here and now for you? there are smarter people in the world than you anyway, let them do all the heavy thinking.

but now, take the non-believer: they don't get to palm off explanations to a god, so the non-believer requires more "faith" in their own abilities to use their own judgement and their own understanding of the universe to be able to encounter life as a non-believer than it does to just have godly faith and think that "god did it" and thereby have all the answers for all the big questions about life the universe and everything already....

imagine being a believer and looking up at the sky and thinking "wow! isn't it great how god stops the sky from falling on me?" and then there's the poor non-believer who looks at the sky and has to go through all of that thinking "wow, isn't it amazing that the earth's gravity keeps the heavier elements like nitrogen, oxygen and carbon closer to the surface of the earth in such abundance that I am thus able to breathe this atmosphere?"

think of how much easier gravity, special relativity, quantum entanglement and many other complicated scientific fields could be if you just ran with the knowledge that they are all part of god's handiwork, so why think about that complicated stuff at all when god did it?

"Bah! Quantum mechanics! who cares about that stuff, god did it!"

if my faith in a god was supposed to explain the universe, then why think about any of it *any* further, doesn't thinking about it further just demonstrate that I don't believe in god? Why do I need to keep going on about what god has done if I actually had faith?

that's where many believers are being dicks, as it amazes me how many people try to use their own pseudo-religio-science to explain the universe, whereas if they really had faith in their god, they would just let go of trying to use their scriptures to explain everything and just have faith that their god *is* the answer, because, after all, the whole point of being religious is *not* to look for signs and proof that god exists and then tell everyone "hey look! here's proof of god!" ...

the point of having faith, after all, is to teach that religious person how to be a moral and well meaning person, right?


but in the case of the non-believer, do they not need to possess more "faith" in their understanding of the universe in order to explain the universe? it's not like as a non-believer you can just go "oh Einstein figured that out" and that's the end of that, no... the non-believer is expected to at least be of the understanding that what they know, could very well be wrong.

seriously, to be a non-believer, if you can't just shove "god did it" out there as an answer to anything, then you are going to have to think about it and then you have to have "faith" in your answer to be able to go on with life, I mean, you've got to know exactly what makes teh sun rise when you don't believe that "god did it", right? ... you gotta know why teh sky is blue, otherwise it will just fall down upon you, right?

the sciency people..

Q. why is the sky blue?!?
A. because of the atmosphere!
Q. how?
A. because the molecules of air, scatter blue light in all directions
Q. how?
A. because the frequency of redder light is such that it can pass through the air relatively unimpeded, but the bluer light has just the right frequency such that the size of the air molecules, effectively makes the air a prism that can scatter light that is bluer.
Q. how?
A. go read up on it yourself, i don't know anymore than that

the god-did-it people

Q. why is the sky blue?
A. that's how god made it

or ... ***OR*** ... you could just say "I don't know!" and then just be fucking happy that it doesn't really matter in the here and now about how the sun rises, you just need to go by the evidence, that it *does* rise.

so scratch the topic of the blog .... because in fact, it takes far *less* faith to just say "I don't know", you can then move on to more important things, you know, things that actually matter, or maybe it takes **more** faith to just let the whole thing go by saying "i don't know?"?

now i am confused - LOL - but I don't care ...

but more or less, when it comes to my understanding of the universe, i had to work at getting to that level of understanding in the first place, and in turn, i have faith in my understanding of how the universe evolved, but I am fully aware that it is probably wrong, but that's the *fun* thing about science, and I am welcome to change my mind about my "faith", because unlike the religious, who aren't supposed to be changing their minds about shit, seeing how their holy books that describe the unchanging perfect god of theirs were written centuries ago....


god is perfect, right? things that are perfect don't need to change because if they did, they would no longer be perfect.


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