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what does that have to do with being a good person? (religiorant)

i think atheists waste a lot of time telling christian fundamentalists that their religion is wrong ...

one thing that just seems to befuddle christians, that the atheists don't seem to latch onto, is the fact that "christians" *have* fallen victim to this hol(e)y story of theirs nor do atheists point out to christians how grossly *wrong* they have gotten their precious christianity ...

for example: instead of merely saying that their religion is total crap, I would ask the believer to explain just what exactly does this crap they are prattling on about have to do with being this "good" person that being a christian supposedly makes them....


I occasionally see stories about Noah and his ark, and I can't help myself to "debunk" it - but this is very easy to do - it is - I actually deleted about a page of stuff from this blog to do with how stupid it is - so instead of wasting my time by saying that Noah's flood is an impossibility and how utterly idiotic it is (saying the same thing over and over again is like banging your head against a brick wall, is it not?), I would instead ask the believer to explain to me just what does a story about an ark full of animals have to do with being this good person that being a christian supposedly makes you?

this applies to anything "christian" in fact, as the entire point of christianity was for believers to be good people, right?

at least, that's what we keep being told, believers keep on telling non-believers that they must "believe" in Jesus, just like them, in order to be a "good" "moral" person as well

so i reckon the non-believers should take advantage of people that insist on professing their christian propaganda that proclaims them to be good moral people, and point out that how proud you are of them for.........

* selling all their things and giving that money they make to the poor and needy (Mar 10:21, Luk 18:22, Mat 19:21)
* for not being judgemental (Mat 7:1)
* for not praying in public (Mat 6:6)
* for not bragging that they do good things (Mat 6:1)
* for being tolerant and compassionate towards everyone (Mat 5:43-44, Mat 19:19, Mat 22:39, Luk 10:27, Mar 12:31, Rom 13:9, Gal 5:14, Jam 2:8)

What's that? they don't do *any* of that stuff?


It is clear to me that "christians" are not awake to the massive lie they are feeding themselves, so by talking to "christians" in their sleep and whispering to them as they slumber what their messiah actually taught, it may just snap them out of their comatose state of ignorance.

who can seriously be christian?

come on!!!

people are too selfish to live up to Jesus Christ's teachings; sell all my things and give that to the needy? I don't think so, I (at least partially) earned my easy life by putting in the hard slog at school and university and at work ..

I give to the needy on very rare occasions, so I have no right to call myself christian, but in the USA there seems to be a plague of people that insist that they believe, by simply saying that they believe!

In Australia, we have a 60% christian population - apparently - but anybody who talks about Jesus like he's the bees knees is very likely to get mocked or at the very least told to keep their religion to themselves if it's not the topic of conversation.

In other words, there is more of a tendency to keep your religion to yourself in Australia, as demonstrated by how even the religious tell the more fanatic religious types to stop being stupid idiots - in fact - it would be fair to say that the majority of "christians" merely saying that they christian, are in the USA... (maybe the internet presents a biased demographic in this regard?)

I can only think of a handful of Australian religious fruit cakes - not to say that there aren't any but they certainly don't make it obvious they are Jesus freaks - at least not in real life!..

For instance, I'm sure I've heard Australian christians refer to crazy/stupid/loud/annoying "christians" as "Jesus Freaks" ... ie. being a Jesus Freak and being an actual christian (or at least not bragging that you are a christian) are two different things.

the USA has a critical mass of Jesus Freaks who merely confess to believing in Jesus like that is supposed to make them good people, somehow - but what the fuck does that have to do with being a good person? ...

How does *just* saying that you are christian make you a good person? It does not! If you think it does then you are telling a *massive* lie. Just because you say something a million times, it still doesn't make it true.


It's quite fascinating to see the sheer volume of people professing to be christian but are unwittingly breaking their own christian rules - or rather - they aren't following their rules to begin with instead they just say that they are christian - as if it was supposed to mean something.

"I'm a christian and Jesus died on the cross for my sins"

no, that's not right, but even so, even if he did die on the cross to cancel out your sins, then so fucking WHAT? Thta doesn't mean you get to be a cunt, that doesn't mean you are going to heaven *regardless* of what you do.

The bible says that you have to *DO* good deeds for those in need, to be christian ... If you don't do good things for the needy - you are not a christian - if you continue to say that you a christian - then you are lying because if you claim to be following Jesus and don't help the needy, then you are worshipping a false Jesus, and that breaks the first commandment and there's a special place in hell for that particular sin.

This blatant "just say you are a christian", at least in the USA, I suspect, is the result of putting "in god we trust" on your money and similar statements into pledges that are recited almost daily: people end up *just* believing, without knowing what they believe in, so it's hardly any surprise that there are homeless and otherwise needy people, in spite of how the primary commandments from their Jesus, instructs christians to *love* everyone, and loving everyone, means *helping* everyone who needs help.

so indeed - what the fuck does all this other shit like Santa, Christmas, Easter, Easter Bunny, Popes, miracles, church and even Jesus Christ himself - none of that has anything to do with *being* a good person ...

think about it ... none of it matters ... as none of it is anything to do with helping the needy, which is quite clearly what the bible says you need to do to get into heaven.

So if you don't help the needy - then you aren't going to heaven ...

and all of this is why you should never even confess to being a christian in public, as you are supposed to *earn* this title of being Christ-like, by helping others.... not by merely making an idolatrous confession that you believe in Jesus because it means *nothing* at all to just believe in this Jesus dude.

written mostly on 22nd July 2011, mostly

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