Tuesday, 12 January 2010

the eternal god? .... (religiorant)

if god has been around for eternity, how could god have made it to this point in time? *forever* is an *infinite* amount of time, right?

think of this, it's impossible to traverse an infinite path, you'd *never* finish, you would never even get half way, half of infinity, is still infinity, you would never even make it one trillionth of the way down that path, because one trillionth of infinity, is STILL infinity, so how did god get to this point in time having existed for an infinite amount of time before the universe was even created?

an INFINITE amount of time would never finish, so indeed how did this god make it to that point in time when the universe was made if there was an infinite amount of time before that point in time when the universe was created?? An infinite amount of time keeps going, there's no finish, right?

Only concepts like time and the literal nothing, can go forever...

if there's a god, it's only eternal because our minds are so puny they can't imagine infinity, well, some of us have minds that are so puny. in other words, the most likely reason that god is eternal, is because *we* say it is, otherwise a god of infinite age, just doesn't make sense, which is exactly what god is, non-sensible....

is this proof mankind made up god? the simple notion of god being of eternal and infinite age, rendering an eternal god occupying our realm at the same time the universe was made impossible?

if there is a god, it can't have spent an eternity in our realm being subject to linear time like we are, therefore any appearances of god are visits from a higher dimension, or something we've never experienced. Although, it's far more likely, those visits were made up by a puny mind in a puny prophet, with a puny dick, probably to try and impress some chick with a tall tale to make up for the lack of girth of said dick. ...

"hey baby, I'm a prophet, let me tell you about the time I met god!"

... the rest of the blog is just rambling ..

... rambling that may or may not help you deal with the concept, or your brain might just collapse and implode into a singularity which would probably wipe out the block you live on before it evaporated...

if god has any age at all, let alone an infinite age, time must have existed before god did.


hmmm.. think of it this way... just say you had been alive forever ... did time come into existence when you thought of it? or at some stage in your linear journey through time, moment after moment, did you notice that there was a moment before that moment that you are currently experiencing and come up with the label of calling that passage from one moment to the next moment, "time"?

the passage of time is a concept, it doesn't have any physical attribute (that i am aware of), so it doesn't *need* to be created, same with the literal nothing, there is nothing to create, so "the nothing" can indeed stretch forever as there is nothing to stretch!

Sure you may have thought up the label "time" and understood the concept of moving from one moment to the next moment, but when you, as god, thought up that "time" label, that concept may have come into existence for you, but time was actually still passing before you thought it up. think of it this way, as god, you invent a watch, you put it on, you now know what the time it is, but just because you didn't invent the watch sometime previously, it doesn't mean that time didn't exist, it still passed, you just hadn't thought up the concept.

or did you *know* everything already? if you somehow knew everything that was to ever happen already, "forever" ago, where did that information come from? was your eternal brain pre-programmed with knowledge of all events to ever happen? if that is so, then somebody *created* *you* and your inability to remember before a certain moment in time is, because you, as god, didn't exist before that point in time, or your designer programmed you so that when you looked back through time in your memory, you recall nothing previous to a particular time, so the natural assumption is that you and that nothing were around forever.

let me explain:

imagine a computer program, you input a number of years ago into this program, and it spits out the number of stars in the universe. For every number you put into the program that is larger than say 15billion years, the answer that is evaluated by the program is "null", not *zero*, but *null* - meaning to say that there is no answer, except null isn't a number, so it's represented as zero, as essentially it does mean the same thing, so the answer you are given by this program beyond that point in time when the big bang happened, will be "zero stars".

Now imagine our god program, no matter how big a number you give it above the age of our universe, it gives you the answer zero. Now if you kept giving this program bigger and bigger numbers and it kept spitting out zero, the assumption would be that since it's giving you an answer then that god program was there to observe that point in time as it had an answer to give, even if that answer was nothing.

But the reality is that this program, was written only a few thousand years ago, and was written such that any answer beyond a certain large number of years, it gives out the same old answer over and over .. punch in one year, and you get a trillion trillion stars, punch in 10billion years, and you get a trillion stars, punch in 20billion years, you get zero stars, 100 trillion years you get zero stars.. and so on and so on, with every answer being zero previous to the big bang.

maybe time is god, urrr... god is time... whatever

OK OK you don't believe the logic of the infinite time thing

... OK then... how about if we ignore the illogical notion that somehow god has been alive forever and has been able to move through linear time, like us mortals do, then why hasn't this universe thing already happened already? did god not get around to making us until "recently"?? god's super special creation was so important that god waited just short of forever to create it? and what a BANG UP job god did, god had all that time to think about it ... but god comes up with us?

if god has been around forever, then why haven't we come and gone? if it's our destiny to come and go, then you'd think that sometime in the last million billion trillion quadrillion quintillion sextillion septillion (that's a 10 with 90 something zeroes after it) years that god would have done the whole creation thing already, and not just sometime in the last 15 billion years, right?

the chances that god made the universe, is one in infinity...

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