Thursday, 28 January 2010

not the burden of proof! noooooo ... (religiopoint)

the burden of proof is all up to the believers ... why?

to put it quite simply if some anti-non-believer says it's up to the non-believer to somehow prove that god doesn't exist (yes, that *is* their argument)... i don't play that game, to that i say,

what case for the "burden of proof" does a non-believer need to make?

the case to be argued has *not* been established so any answer to that question means that the other person is making up the case right then and there in front of you to be argued IN THE FIRST INSTANCE.

burden of proof, is on the person making up the argument in the first place..

i'm not arguing that there is or isn't a god, go with god, see if I care... and instead of ranting let me leave you with a great quote...

"toodle loo - go with god - and don't take any wooden nickels"
--George Carlin

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