Tuesday, 19 January 2010

extreme believer arrogance - miracles/prophecies ... (religiorant)

this is an extension of a previous blog about "just how dumb are believers?" ...


I *laugh* at every prophecy ... well, i roll my eyes at least as most prophecies aren't worth the energy it takes to laugh and frankly - they aren't all that funny

seriously, what prophecies have come true? I'm thinking they are all, lies? affirmations? mantras? hoaxes? ahem ... perhaps, BULLSHIT, is the right term?

why do people even need these predicted events? if they look forward to some prophecy fulfilment, are they not demonstrating that they lack faith by needing these "events" to provide some sort of validation to their faith?

and what if it *does* come true? will they then say, "told you so!" in selfish arrogance?

if Jesus returned tomorrow after 2000yrs of his followers saying that he'll be back "soon" - it better be fucking good, I expect at least Metallica or Foo Fighters as a support act, or Boston or Toto.. TOOL would be a good support act for Jesus. Nirvana should not be too much of a tall order for Jesus to get as a support act either. hey? alright! do it!

every single prophecy I heard of that has "come true", has merely been true because the person telling the story wanted it to be true with their vague interpretations of events.

if a prophecy was actually true, would we not learn about it in school?

"...and in history class today kids, we're going to learn about Jesus, who rose from the dead, and saved the world from nasty sinners so that we may be here today."

and even if by some stretch of the imagination, you can say that maybe there is some similarity between a prophecy and real events.... well.... so what? what's the big deal?

what prophecy that's supposedly come true has been of any consequence anyway? .. oh i hear you, standing up the back, shouting, "Jesus came true!!!" .. sit down and shut up, because by your own faith's reckoning, Jesus became some super god dude and all that jazz, of his *own* accord!

Did we need a prophecy to make Jesus come about, did we?

and what difference does any prophecy coming true have to do with anything anyway? does it makes some difference to having faith or not?

Jesus' return has been on the cards for nearly 2000 years, listening to christians going on about the return of their lord is akin to listening to someone brag that they are going to win the lotto, every week, but then after fifty years of bragging, the guy finally wins, and then becomes *insufferable* with the bragging of saying "told you so", all the while forgetting that he spent twice as much money than he won.


miracles? I say miracle schmiracle, what's that you say, one person inexplicably had their cancer totally disappear? one person? that's it?!

fuck the religious and their grasping for every shred of justification for their embarrassing fantasies...

can we aim a little higher people? perhaps, just a little bit? we can do baby steps if need be.... hmmm?


a "Real" miracle would be finding cures for diseases and developing crops that could grow in spite of harsh conditions, and then distributing that food to the entire world without care for making a profit out of it, as well as providing military support to dissuade looters and piracy of these foods and medicines... that'd be a fucking miracle!

Miracles are quick fixes of hope, the religious equivalent of a hit from the bong or line of coke, they fade soon enough, then you're back to how you were before.. looking for the next miracle fix just so you can feel all warm and fuzzy about hearing some ratification of this "faith" you claim to have...

people keep saying christ is going to return.. have you heard that story? I have, heaps of times, but it seems to remind me of that other story.... have you heard that other story, the boy who cried wolf?..


.. but i'm sick of hearing about prophecies, oh yeah the rapture is going to strike in five minutes like a thief in the night, dude you said that like five minutes ago, and you said it yesterday, and last week, and it was actually the first thing you said to me when we "met" - so uhmm - howz about shutting the fuck up for a bit, hey?

this is another display of extreme arrogance, god returns to rapture *everyone* up and take them to heaven, well, who says *you* are a part of this "everyone" that is going to be raptured up to heaven, anyway? hmmm? Is this not an extreme self adulation to tell yourself that, out of the entire universe, that *YOU* are special, that *YOU* have somehow arbitrarily chosen the god that made the universe, even though there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of gods that "made the universe" ????

and what are these people saying and admitting to anyway? would they not rather the world continue on as it is? or would they be happy to see the world destroyed and have everyone wiped out except for the twenty or so people who are saved??

anyone who *wants* the rapture to happen can go fuck themselves - it's pretty simple to understand, and it can't be dumbed down much more, if you want the genocide of the human race to happen, you're a piece-of-shit-cunt-of-an-arsehole.

the genocide of the human race, is not something to look forward to you stupid cunts!!! fucking hell!! The Hitlers and the Stalins and the Maos killed millions of people - this Jesus of yours wants to KILL BILLIONS.

Hitler and Stalin and Mao all combined added together, cannot even hold a candle to this Jesus you keep going on about.

and why do people who say they look forward to the rapture get upset when you tell them to shut the fuck up?!?!? their reaction is like you told them to stop being a stupid cunt when all they said was that they were going for a walk down the street to get a loaf of bread.

I can't believe born-again-rapture-me-up-christians are so nonchalant with their verbal diarrhoea of the slaughtering of mankind in some final battle between good and evil.

How pathetic that you *want* every human on earth to be killed in a battle according to your selfish religious whims.

a battle which, mind you, only took place since we've been around, you know those fuckers, god and satan, could have done this whole final battle of few thousand billion years ago, but no, they decided to bicker after *we* arrived...

that's a bit suspicious don't choo think? just a bit of co-incidence, hey??

the final battle for all good and evil - which could have raged at any time in the last trillion to the power of a trillion years, just happened to start, right about the same time we began to tell stories about god and the devil! what's the chances of that?

DANG! what a co-incidence??!

you know if the bible is true, by some twisted version of the word "true", then this battle between good and evil, came about because of *us* - somehow us being here made things go bad, right? So if everything was hunky dory before we got here, and if there was no evil before us. can we assume that without the "black" of evil there isn't the "white" of good either, as everything would be a shade of grey with neither good nor bad around? that sounds very Buddha-ish .... Buddhism also just happens to be the only religion I can think of that doesn't have a god, another co inky dink.

so if *we* are the cause of all good and evil, it's just tiny baby steps to the conclusion that *we* made up the whole religion / god thing, isn't it?


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