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me is no atheist: jesus was the hero that saved the world... (religiorant)

this is a spin off of the "me is no atheist" blog because that blog was so long, it doesn't really cover similar topics to the other parts of "me is no atheist", it just needed to be split up.. mostly written, 4th July 2009, mostly .....


that's what christianity was to me - and that's ALL it was - do unto others, Jesus loves *everyone* and being meek is how we all get along!! And by typing all that out now I realise, that the idea of Jesus dying, well, that makes me angry.

Very Angry

Jesus was the hero that should have saved the world, got the girl, and lived happily ever after until he was an old man, all the while continuing his preaching. Imagine if Jesus taught love and compassion for everyone for fifty years instead of the pathetic handful of years he was around? Imagine if Jesus made it such that his teachings were spread all over the earth. Imagine if he made this one simple statement that could not be erased from history because it was given to **all** the cultures on earth:

"Those who commit harm or justify their bigotry in my name will burn forever in hell"

or even making the statement,

"Satan is not to be feared, he can do you no harm where he is now! Satan has been defeated! The only evil in this world now is the evil in the hearts of man, born of their desire to be selfish."

Maybe he did say something like that, and the evil men with their greed took it out because they wanted all these sheep to fear something evil and intangible .. "Oh the Devil made me do it!" .. that's what i reckon - the bible has been tampered with - this is a known fact - so anyone calling it the unfettered or perfect word of god - is lying - i find it hard to lie - so i found it hard to be christian - as I'm too honest to be a christian


and since that isn't going to happen any time soon, christianity is a write off, end of story.

i mean the four gospels are all slightly different in their accounts of Jesus! pffft! and Paul, many biblical scholars agree, that he didn't even meet Jesus or only met him briefly, and YET!!! half the new testament was written by him!! (allegedly)

"things that make you go ... hmmmmm"--[C and C Music Factory]

Paul made him self an apostle!! I'm sorry - but wake up - he "converted" *after* Jesus' death! how does someone who never or barely knew what Jesus was about, know what Jesus spoke about? It would have to be second hand knowledge at the very least. So this Paul guy claims to have been spoken to by god - but did Jesus mention this Paul guy, at all? So if he were sent by god, Jesus would have known all about him .. and probably told his followers, "hey if you meet a guy called Paul, and he claims god spoke to him, then pay attention to him... the secret pass phrase he will tell you is .. 'toddle loo, go with god, and don't take any wooden nickels' ... and if he doesn't say the pass phrase - then he's a FAKE!"

christianity is like the train wreck that you just have to keep watching simply because it just keeps going and going and going and just when you think it's about to lose momentum, more carriages come into view only to further stack onto the pileup.

Christians need to ask them selves this:

Wouldn't you *want* the bible to have actually been written by Jesus himself?

well? seems to me the contradictions in the bible give head room to start making up your own bullshit ideas, seems to me christians REVEL in these very contradictions. But these are conclusions drawn from the bible lore - isn't that blasphemy - the fucking bible's Book of Revelations says not to add to the bible - even *I* know this much of the bible. And I bet if Jesus was here today, he would punch you in the nose for being bigoted against *any* person just because they are different. That's what I would expect from the Jesus *I* was taught about.

The bible says that Jesus did not come to bring peace, but a sword... damn straight baby, to all the fucking religious nut bags who are being hypocrites...

Someone said when Jesus comes back he's going to be pissed off big time, and he's going to say "All you Christians, GET THE FUCK OVER HERE AND SIT THE FUCK DOWN" or something like that... Bill Hicks, Robin Williams and a few others have done similar skits.

Robin Williams is probably a bigger influence on me than Jesus, same with George Carlin, Carl Sagan.

Jesus is just another smart dude to me, and it doesn't matter if he didn't exist, the idea of Jesus was a good one, it's just that the stupid fuck heads who claim to follow him have got his teachings abysmally wrong.

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