Sunday, 10 January 2010

why do people believe in god?


Q: Why do people believe in god?
A: Fear, or more specifically, the fear of the unknown.


it's built into our instincts that we worry about things, that ability to worry is how we eventually avoided being on the menu of predators, we became smarter than the other creatures with our ability to think ahead..

it was via the use of our imagination that we were able to avoid all the nasty things that we could dream up and hundreds of thousands of years ago, there was a legitimate need to worry about what was literally around the corner, because at any moment, we could be called on to defend our lives...

however, humans still haven't let go of that overpowering need to think that there's something just ahead that's going to get us, in spite of us having eliminated or identified how to avoid most of the things that actually could kill us, so today we have ended up making up a whole bunch of new things to be worried about that we should not actually *be* worried about.

For example, in a western society, there are not many places that I can think of where just leaving the house is likely to get you killed, so with our 'stable society', we start to use our thinking ahead abilities to worry about situations we can't control, eg. what other people think about us, the tides going in and out (*facepalm* at Bill O'Reilly), and that most uncontrollable thing of all, death...

so a belief in the fantastic god creature is created, and the basic premise of this belief is that it doesn't really matter when you die in this life, as you get to live forever if you believe a particular god story, and a blind belief in this story, allows the person to just let go of their irrational fears, because god, is taking care of those uncontrollable things...

in other words, only the weak minded believe in god because they lack the ability to come to terms with the unknown.

(ps. "weak minded" is as polite as I can be about it)

the key to irrational fears is to not struggle with them in the first place, just accept them, let them come and go, tell them to "go away" or laugh at them, rather than make up some even more irrational god story to displace them..

and that applies to all your irrational fears too, accept them, don't deny them, worrying about crap is *normal*, struggling with those fears is what is *abnormal*, your brain over thinking a situation is what will bring you down with its depressing lines of thought.

but the really bizarre thing is that this god creature is just a detached part of the ego of the believer, so a blind belief in god is a blind belief in one's own ego.

don't believe me?

think about all the "sins" that people commit during their lives, many of those will get your arse excluded from heaven *forever* with no hope for a reprieve, and yet, somehow, people think that their sins can be forgiven?

who would forgive your "sins" other than your own ego? Who else but your own ego could somehow justify all the the crap you have done in your life in such a way that your god would forgive you?? Who? Your ego, that's who...

and yet, it's the non-believers that get accused of worshipping themselves??

go figure!

and even if non-believers do worship themselves, at least the non-believer isn't pretending to impose god's will on others, as it's more honest to impose your own will, than it is to speak of your own will as if it were the will of god

ie. blind belief makes you your own personal Jesus

it's very hard to break any of your own commandments when you don't question the beliefs you've blindly accepted that your ego told you to believe.

and that's why people believe in god, it's also why god just happens to want exactly want the believer wants as well

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