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* it's not that i don't believe in god, it's just that i can't....
* "atheist" is a self defeating label...


* religion won't die if you keep using petty arguments against it...
* atheism... around and around in circles....


* the atheist mistake.....


* what does the year have to do with christ being the lord?


* the burden of proof is upon the believer to actually believe...


* no point claiming what you have no right to claim (religiorant)


* the dangers of atheism


* atheism has no argument to make against the joke that is religion...


* Friedrich Nietzsche quotes


* "why doesn't god help the needy?" is a flawed argument (atheiorant)
* who the fuck is Tom Tebow? (religiorant)
* was anybody ever following what Jesus said to do? (religiorant)
* Response to "What's wrong with American Christianity" ....


* The War On Christmas breaks the first commandment (religiorant)
* i see religion as a test ... (religiorant)


* Jesus loves me, and I don't care ... (religiorant)
* the missing mass of the universe? (weird science)
* The greatest conspiracy theory of all time...


* what you are babbling about is beside the point of your religion ... (religiorant)
* what does that have to do with being a good person? (religiorant)
* there is no god? (religiorant)
* rattling the faith ... (religiorant)
* more important things to spend money on at home, than on space travel? (science v idiots)
* it takes more faith, to not have faith.... (religion v science)
* god is just your ego, get over yourself .... (religiorant)
* generalising about christians? who? moi?.. (religiorant)
* did aliens send us religion to slow us down? (religiorant)


* the concern i have with belief ... (religiorant)
* merely declaring yourself "christian" is idolatrous ... (religiorant)
* is constant prayer an admission that you live in a horror movie? (religiorant)
* atheists focus on trivial religious things (religiorant)


* why i don't believe in (your) god ... (religiorant)
* LORD's prayer in Australia Parliament ... (religiorant)


* you can not "just believe" in Jesus ... (religiorant)
* good without god? .... (religiorant)


* the religious majority can get off their arses .. (religiorant)
* more outspoken atheists are required ... (religiorant)


* just mentioning god is idolatry ... (religiorant)
* it's not the non-believers that need proof of god.. (religiorant)
* I could never believe in Jesus.. (religiorant)


* atheists are arrogant.... (atheiorant)


* teach the christians how they've got their religion wrong.... (religiorant)
* god is dead, and we really did kill him... (religiorant)
* the burden of proof is on the believers ... (religiorant)


* Jesus is not just a myth, it's worse than that ... (religiorant)
* christians are going BAT SHIT CRAZY with idolatry... (religiorant)
* at least polytheism was healthier than monotheism .. (religiorant)
* scientists are the true prophets of god... (religion v science)
* all religion is idolatry... (religiorant)


* the virtual you ... (religion v science)
* i hope you kept the receipt... (religiorant)
* the god haters.... (religiorant)
* Faggots and Retards (mincing words)
* do atheists give religiously obsessed people a hard time? (religiorant)
* believers create anti-believers... (religiorant)


* the word faith has been overused ... (mincing words)
* god v infinity .... (religiorant)


* just saying you believe in god means nothing ..... (religiorant)
* god still could have made the universe Mr Hawking! (religion v science)


* Prayer in School (christianity flaws #5)
* Just saying you are christian is idolatry (christianity flaws #4)
* the god v satan thing .... why now? (religiorant)
* "god did it" is lazy ... (religiorant)
* Assuming that people are not christian (christianity flaws #3)


* Stop spreading the News (christianity flaws #2)
* how does an internet "filter" stop child porn from actually happening?
* Do Unto others (christianity flaws #0)
* dealing with religious fanatics? DON'T .. (religiorant)
* adherence to the TEN commandments (christianity flaws #1)


* unshakeable faith ... (religiorant)
* the god argument is over... you ALL lost (religiorant)


* there is no such thing as an atheist, not really (religiorant)
* the free will aspect of religion ... (religiorant)


* non-believers have superior morals... (religiorant)
* non-believers give god the most respect... (religiorant)
* atheism is ONLY non-belief in god and religion ... THAT'S ALL IT IS (religiorant)


* who tempted adam and eve? (religiorant)
* TEN commandments are redundant... (religiofact)
* have a look at how FANTASTIC god is! (religiomath)
* global warming is happening - GET OVER IT (science V artards)
* the ant farm... the story of Dogurt and Livedon


* Why the Peaceful Majority is Irrelevant by Paul E. Marek
* the whole concept of god itself is flawed..
* we gave god purpose... (religiorant)
* non-believer tolerance of believers? TAKE 1 (religiorant)
* non-believer tolerance of believers? TAKE 2 (religiorant)
* extreme believer arrogance - god did it ... (religiorant)
* the eternal nothing .... (weird science)


* why do people believe in god?
* we are not learning from history ... (historant)
* not the burden of proof! noooooo ... (religiopoint)
* me is no atheist, or how i learned to lose my god and love satan
* me is no atheist: my earliest religious memory... (religiorant)
* me is no atheist: jesus was the hero that saved the world... (religiorant)
* me is no atheist: the god idea ... (religiorant)
* UPDATED: just how dumb are believers? ... (religion v science)
* extreme believer arrogance - miracles/prophecies ... (religiorant)
* the eternal god? .... (religiorant)


* non-believer tolerance of believers? TAKE 3 (religiorant)
* is Satan... our champion? (religiorant)
* defender ... pretender ... (religiorant)
* The Book of Job, South Park style
* The Atheist Jesus ... (religohumour)


* a perfect god doesn't change... (religiorant)
* my encounter with Jesus!!! (religiorant)
* Letting global warming happen?
* have you recently given away god? (religiohumorant)
* the gay marriage debate.. (religiorant)
* choices for the future of the planet (science v religion)


* why am I so mean to fundys? (religidiotism)
* the three most incredible things god could do?
* imagine Keeping your religion to yourself... (religio-rant)
* I am sick of hearing about Hitler...
* the god flaw ... free will ... (religiorant)


* what is the logic of prayer after a tragedy?
* what do i believe in? (part 46-a)
* Satan V God - who appears the most in the bible?
* growing old....
* do unto others... (or i'll smack u in the balls)
* clarify my position on god... (what do i believe? part 32b)


* what makes you an atheist? (part 2)
* what makes you an atheist? (part 3)
* top myspaz christian blogs helping the atheist cause...
* Separation of Church and State..
* Prescott Bush... and the Nazis...
* John Lennon's "Imagine" is evil? (religiorant)
* If atheists had no morals.... (religiorant)
* Catholics move over, Sunni Islam is now the biggest cult
* can an Evil Atheist understand biblical context? (religiorant/humour)
* are christians desensitised to violence? (religio-rant)


* Who cares if god exists? (religiorant)
* what makes you an atheist? (part 1)
* US christians: if gays are an abomination then so is your national symbol...
* Satan died on the cross for your sins... (religiohumour)
* It is our duty to think God out of existence....
* do we need to believe in god?


* Jesus loves everyone... (mincing words)


* Mathew Chapter 5
* Enemy of God (mincing words)
* 666 to the power of 666... (evilism)


* religious excuses for hating gays.... (offensive-religio-rant-humour)
* Has Jesus already returned? (religio-rant)
* The Evil Atheist... confessions of a minion of Satan
* every frikking abomination in the book....
* Atheism is wrong... (religio-rant/humour)
* Anti-Semite (mincing-words)
* The Ancients Didn't Need Faith... (religio-rant)


* is simply believing in god idolatry? (religiorant)


* What song will atheists sing at christmas time? (religiorant)
* maybe religion is a *good* thing AFTER ALL???.. (religiorant)
* god V the big rock.. (religiohumour)
* god did it! what can we say but... (religiorant)


* you must give your soul to Jesus to be saved? (religiorant)
* Science is not a religion.. (religion v science)
* godless morality is inferior? (religiorant)
* ban the bible!! (religiorant)


* do you go around denying evolution? .. (religiorant)


* why assume the afterlife is going to be fantastic anyway?
* how *can* god exist? (religiorant)


* the problem with christianity? (religiorant)
* heaven is so boring... again! (religiorant)


* What I believe (Episode 5, The Force, religion/rant)
* What I believe.... (Episode 4 - The Force)


* What I believe.... (No. 3 - religion+god+jesus)
* science is SO not a religion. (religiorant)


* what is it called when you do not care if god exists or not!!


* so i guess i am a big meanie then? (religiorant)
* religion: i see why i gave it up .. (religiorant)
* christian fundamentalists are just afraid... (religiorant)
* can you disprove the existence of god? (religiorant)


* who created evil? god did, that's who...
* What I Believe... (Episode No. 1... for the most part..)
* tired of politically correct? me too, so MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS!! (offensive, politically incorrect dark humour)
* i hate my christian upbringing...


* some perspective as to how big the universe is.... (astronomy, religiorant)
* Saudi court ups punishment for gang-rape victim (religiorant)
* even if god *actually* exists....


* A.D.D. or is it just evolution?


* religion sux ass .... (rant)


* are we god?

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